Saturday, October 3, 2015

2015 October Frights Blog Hop-Day 3

I missed the day 2 so today's post will be extra frightening. Since I don't normally write horror though I am paranormal romance writer, but paranormal aspect in my books is relatively mild. What I do, however, is resurrect local legends and stories that were told around the fire during those long, dark nights before television times. And certainly way before mind numbing shows that we see on the screens nowadays. 

In the village of Kings Great in western Slavonia (northern Croatia)  there is a crossroads that is a center of some nasty legends ... A lovely place during the day...but at night...a different story. In fact, in the past while people were still using horse-drawn carts (which it wasn't so long ago), there was no chance that a horse wold cross the intersection at night.The animals would stopped halt, and people had to cover horses' heads, sprinkle intersection with holy water and say a prayer. Only then would the animals started. As one woman described her scary experience as she was returning home at night with her aunt and taking that intersection would save them going around the village so they decided to pass that way. 
As they approached, suddenly the horses stopped and started making a terrible noise and kick their front legs in the air ... the woman and her aunt tried to quiet them,but nothing worked. Suddenly, chains rattled and the noise was unbearable, and then appeared the cart covered with white canvas and something was dragged behind it, and then disappeared.

Legend has it that in ancient house, which is right at the crossroads, demon who haunts the place shows itself at night to animals only ... this house and this intersection are still there and it's a less traveled road now with modern highway bypassing the place. 

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  1. An interesting tale. I love a good folklore legend.